UCL Frontiers of Oncology 2019

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In 2019 the UCL Cancer Institute in association with colleagues at ‘The Lancet’ and ‘At the Limits medical education’ will hold seven 1-day meetings to update practising oncologists, GPs, nurses, scientists and researchers about advances in specific sub specialties; Haematology, Urology, Women’s Health, Lung,
GI Oncology, Melanoma & Paediatric Oncology.

Feedback from delegates at previous meetings was outstanding and places are expected to fill fast when registration opens.

The meetings are held in London and feature presentations and discussions designed to enable professionals to enhance cancer care and understand the breakthroughs which will directly affect them and their patients.

To pre-register for the event please indicate your interest and we’ll send you an invitation when full registration opens.



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Our Chairs are fiercely independent, and all programmes are created without input from, or reference to, supporters.

The Frontiers of Oncology 2018 meetings are supported by grants from the Pharmaceutical Industry.
As support agreements are reached, disclosure of the supporters is listed here.