Corinne Faivre-Finn

Corinne Faivre-Finn, FRCR, MD, PhD, is a  Professor of Thoracic Radiation Oncology at the University of Manchester and and Honorary Consultant Clinical Oncologist at the Christie with an interest in lung cancer.  Prof Faivre-Finn trained in Paris until 1998 and took a consultant post in the UK, at the Christie in 2001. Her interests involve  the development of multimodality treatments for stage III non small-cell lung cancer and limited disease small-cell lung cancer. She is also interested in the development of stereotactic radiotherapy, Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy and early phase trials combining thoracic radiotherapy and mechanism based therapies. She is an active member of the European Organisation for Research and Treatment  of Cancer (EORTC) Radiotherapy and Lung groups and became the Radiotherapy Chair of the EORTC Lung Group in 2008. She is also the radiotherapy research lead for the CRUK lung cancer centre of excellence and the Manchester Cancer Research Centre and  the Lung Disease Site Coordinator for the Elekta and Philips MR linac Research Consortium. She is involved with the trial management groups of several UK/European lung cancer clinical trials and is the Chief Investigator of the international CONVERT study (limited-disease SCLC),  PIT study (Mesothelioma), Isotoxic IMRT (stage III NSCLC), MEKRT (MEK inhibitor combined with thoracic radiotherapy in NSCLC) and PARIS (Pembroluzimab and combined with thoracic radiotherapy in NSCLC) study.