Hayley Whitaker

Dr. Hayley Whitaker’s translational work takes basic science discoveries from the bench to the bedside. Her work is focused on biomarkers for early detection of cancer and predicting poor outcome and is predominantly in the field of prostate cancer but also includes work on pancreatic and bladder cancers and cholangiocarcinoma. Hayley began her career doing a PhD with Professor Charlotte Bevan on androgen receptor interacting proteins at Imperial College London. From here Hayley moved to Cambridge to pursue a post-doctoral post in Professor David Neal’s laboratory on prostate cancer cell surface proteins. Here she set up her own team in 2011 identifying and validating cancer biomarkers in prostate and other cancers. This biomarker initiative focused on routine, high quality validation of membrane and secreted biomarkers in tissue and biological fluids to a level that was suitable for rapid translation into clinical practice. Hayley has been heavily involved in the International Cancer Genome Consortium prostate cancer project in collaboration with the Institute of Cancer Research. In 2015 Hayley and her group moved to University College London where they work on combining prostate biomarkers with MRI imaging and developing membrane markers into therapeutic targets.