Tassos Karadimitris

Tassos Karadimitris a Professor of Haematology and Consultant Haematologist at Imperial College London and Hammersmith Hospital respectively.
A major part of his lab-based research programme aims to uncover novel aspects in the biology and treatment of multiple myeloma. We are specifically interested in the role of transcriptional and epigenetic deregulation in the pathogenesis of multiple myeloma and in osteoclast activation and myeloma bone disease. Through understanding of these processes we aspire to define new therapeutic targets and hopefully develop relevant therapeutic agents.

A paradigm of this approach is our recent description of BET proteins as regulators of oncogenic Myc transcription in multiple myeloma and the therapeutic impact of BET protein inhibitors I-BET-151 and -762 on pre-clinical myeloma. As a result, in collaboration with other major institutions in the UK and USA and supported by GSK , we participate in a phase I clinical trial aiming to define safety and efficacy of I-BET762 in haematological malignancies.