Thursday 7th December 2017
London, UK


Professor Jonathan Ledermann
Professor Jonathan Ledermann
Professor of Medical Oncology &
Director of the CRUK UCL Trials centre
UCL Cancer Institute
Professor Martin Widschwendter
Professor Martin Widschwendter
Professor in Women’s Cancer &
Head of the Department of Women’s Cancer
University College London

From 08.00 Badge Collection & Coffee
09.00 Welcome / setting the scene: the Chairmen
SESSION 1: The development of immunotherapy treatment in women’s cancers
09.05 An overview of immunotherapy development related to women’s cancers
Professor Fran Balkwill
Centre Lead, Centre for Cancer and Inflammation, Bart’s Cancer Institute, Queen Mary University of London, UK
09.30 Immunotherapeutic approaches to the treatment of ovarian cancer
Dr Michelle Lockley
Reader in Medical Oncology/Honorary Consultant, Deputy Centre Lead, Bart’s Cancer Institute, London, UK
09.55 Current clinical trials of immunotherapy in women’s cancers
Professor Jonathan Ledermann
Professor of Medical Oncology at UCL Cancer Institute and Director of the Cancer Research UK & UCL Cancer Trials Centre, London, UK
10.20 Immunotherapy in Cervical Cancer
Dr Marij Welters
Assistant Professor, Head Immunomonitoring Laboratory, Section of Experimental Cancer Immunology and Therapy, Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, The Netherlands
11.00 Summary
11.05 Break
SESSION 2: Surgery in Women’s Cancers
11.25 Radical surgery in ovarian cancer – Do the benefits outweigh morbidity issues?
Professor Christina Fotopoulou
Consultant gynaecological oncologist, Imperial College Healthcare, London, UK
11.50 Role of laparoscopic surgery in ovarian cancer
Dr Ranjit Manchanda
Clinical Senior Lecturer, Consultant Gynaecological Oncologist, Centre for Experimental Cancer Medicine, Bart’s Cancer Institute, London, UK
12.15 Role of lymphadenectomy in gynaecological cancers
Mr Tim Mould
Consultant Gynaecological Oncologist, University College London Hospitals, London, UK
12.40 Summary
12.45 Lunch
SESSION 3: Fertility, pregnancy, menopause & HRT
13.35 Keynote Presentation
Cancer treatment in pregnancy and consequences on mother and baby

Professor Dr Frédéric Amant
Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
14.20 Cancer treatment and impact on fertility and pregnancy
Dr Maria Kyrgiou
Clinical Senior Lecturer, Imperial College London; Consultant Gynaecologist and Gynaecologic Oncologist, The West London Gynaecological Cancer Centre, Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust, London, UK
14.45 Hormone replacement after treatment of breast and gynaecological cancer
Dr Melanie Davies
Consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist, Reproductive Medicine Unit, UCLH; Clinical Advisor to NICE Women’s Health Guideline programme, RCOG, London, UK
15.10 Summary
15.15 Break
SESSION 4: Personalised treatment and breast cancer
15.40 Optimal personalised treatment of early breast cancer – the OPTIMA trial
Dr Luke Hughes-Davies
Consultant Oncologist, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Cambridge, UK
16.05 Novel therapies in breast cancer
16.30 The future role of cell-free DNA in the management of women specific cancers
Professor Martin Widschwendter
Professor in Women’s Cancer, Head of the Department of Women’s Cancer at UCL, Consultant Gynaecological Oncology Surgeon at UCLH, London, UK
16.55 Summary & Close

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